Free Slot Spins

Free Slot Spins lists venues offering Free Spin bonuses on various online slots. Check below for reviewed Free Spin offers & Free Registration Bonuses.

Free Spins on Online Slots

Registration Free Spins

Registration Free Spins remain a popular form of free spins online. There is a good reason. They are free; you must register an account at a venue to claim the offer. Some venues will require that a credit or debit card be registered. The reason is to ensure underage gambling does not occur.

Deposit Free Spins

Deposit Free Spins is a misnomer. If you have to deposit, how can venues call it free spins? It is explained as follows. When you deposit at a casino, you will typically get a bonus. In addition, some online gambling sites now add free spins as an additional sweetener.

Country-Based Free Spin Offers

Within online gambling, many new responsible gambling regulations have occurred over the last year. That means the number of free spins available might depend on where you live. For example, we have seen over the previous year that bonus match offers within the United Kingdom decreased as venues adjusted to new taxation rules. The UK has made it much more expensive to bonus players by adding a tax to these offers. Venues have countered it with the addition of free spins.

Other parts of the world have yet to adjust rules to focus on taxing bonuses. However, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and UK gamblers still get match bonuses and free spins online.

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