South African Powerball Lottery Fiasco

South African Powerball Lottery Fiasco

The South African Powerball Lottery recently made the news with a very unusual sequence of winning numbers. Suspicions got aroused as the abnormal element of 20 winners of the main jackpot prize occurred. If that did not arouse suspicion, the fact that 79 winners of the 2nd tier prize certainly arouses suspicion.

SA Powerball Winning Numbers

The fact that the winning Powerball Lottery numbers, including the Powerball, were a sequence of numbers from 5 to 10 would have been debatable. The fact that twenty winners guessed the same numbers is highly questionable.

Is Ithuba Competent

The Lottery operator, a company, called Ithuba, countered the social media storm by insisting that many people choose sequential numbers. The National Lotteries Commission has announced that it will investigate and report on its findings. Be prepared for amazement. It is not the first time that the management and competence of Ithuba have gotten raised.

Corruption Taints South Africa

South African citizens have been subject to many fiscal irregularities in the last few years. They range from State Capture to non-delivery of services by Government and being charged excessive amounts for these services. Therefore, it is easy to see why the average South African views these lottery results with suspicion.

Add to that the taint of corruption that seems endemic on the African continent, and you have a recipe for disaster. South Africans have had to endure a tremendous amount of fiscal crime ranging from Government contracts to Sports bodies like SASCOC ( Sports & Olympic Committee) being subject to corruption allegations.

There have even been cases of Sports Journalists fleeing the country in fear of their lives after exposing corruption at every level.

There is no society level that the taint of corruption has not reached. It includes an ex-President to Chairman of Sporting Federations. So it is easy to see why South African lottery players feel this is all a massive set-up. We have been covering lottery news for years and have never seen a sequence of numbers like this.

South African National Lottery Commission Investigation

We look forward to seeing what the South African National Lottery Commission unveil as part of their findings. However, we dont hold much hope that anything concrete will come out of the investigation.

Perhaps this was the most unusual sequence of numbers, and twenty people did select the winning numbers. However, we do not think that this is the case. That is our opinion.

We know what we would do in this instance. We would stop playing. If manipulation of Lottery numbers is proven, we will be astonished, and in our opinion, this is what has happened.

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