South African Rugby Turmoil

The turmoil in South African Rugby ratcheted up yet another notch. We are not even concerned
re the loss to Japan. The Cherry Blossoms thoroughly deserved it.

The Springboks are quarterfinal bound after pummeling Samoa then thumping Scotland. While the Boks are
away, the Veldt is ablaze in South Africa.

Even if the improbable happened, South Africa lifting the Webb Ellis trophy that is,South African
Rugby & Sport is now mired in a variety of Corruption cases.

South African Rugby Corruption

From controversial rulings,missing police cases,late night emergency calls and journalists fleeing life threats.
Sounds like a Bond film! As usual it’s all about money division.

African Sports is plagued by under performing administrators continent wide.Witness the frequent Football Strikes by various countries, South African Sports is no different.

The latest revelation is an unlisted agent touting players to EP Kings.Lottery Funds sent to Rugby Unions is often swallowed up in a morass of benefits and salary perks for Administrators.

Lottery Fund Payments

Payments to Sportsmen representing South Africa in all sport codes is miniscule in terms of overall
budget. It seems that Administrators are taking the Lion’s share of funds to Administer.

In the interim the Springboks rumble on. Next up is Wales. They are a step above the sides
the Springboks have faced.

We do hope the euphoria of that Victory will not be soured by the time they get home.

We do not expect the Boks to beat either New Zealand or Australia this time around. They seem to have
gone back to a type of Rugby associated with Bouncers at a Nightclub.

Where is the conveyor belt of new Rugby talent ? There has been no replacement for top class stars, we are
talking about the likes of Danie Gerber , Ray Mordt or Chester Williams of the game.

The Boks have had some very skilful back line players. We think of the likes of Gysie Pienaar, Chester Williams and Carel Du Plessis. What are these Administrators doing with all of this money ? Surely not enriching themselves !!!!!

Lifting the Webb Ellis Trophy will paint over the cracks.

South African Rugby needs to clean its act up or face a bleak future.Accountability and Delivery must be the remit of Administrators across the board.

In the interim, a South African Athlete drain occurs, players choose better conditions to become highly paid athletes.

That is the real loss South African Rugby will face too.If it is still solvent.

That is our opinion. If you know more about corruption issues in South African Sport. Please Contact Us. Please feel free to offer your opinion to us below on the article.

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