Sports Betting Online

Sports betting, Bookies and Betting Odds have existed for millennia, from betting on Gladiators (these days, it is MMA) to betting on Premier League and fantasy Sports. Never have we had so much choice & opportunity to place a bet. Using a licensed sportsbook is essential. We list Licensed Sportsbooks sanctioned to operate in specific regions. Click on the Sports Betting type below to go to the section with a licensed sportsbook recommended.

Where to Bet Legally

We list UK Licensed Sportsbooks sanctioned to operate in the United Kingdom. Click on the Sports Betting type below to go to the relevant section with a licensed sportsbook recommended. Sports Betting is regulated in the United Kingdom by the UKGC, which has a dedicated Betting Intelligence Unit ( SBIU ) that protects UK consumers from illegal activities from Sportsbooks.

It also monitors matches & games to ensure integrity. The integrity part is vital as match-fixing, and result-fixing can and does happen. So to maintain the integrity of both the sport and the bookie, it is essential to have a regulatory body monitor results.

How Sports Betting Works

You make a choice or predict a result, examine the odds and place your wager. All UKGC-licensed venues will typically have tutorials for beginner and intermediate sports betters. In addition, UK Bookies generally show odds in fractional format. As it is online, odds displays can be amended to show as decimals.

Which Sportsbook To Bet With

That truly is the million-pound question. We recommend only wagering at licensed venues wherever you are in the world. Betting is regulated in multiple regions. The UK, Americas, Africa and Asia all boast vibrant top-rated sportsbooks where you can wager safely. There is no point in winning a bet if you’re not going to get paid.

Where to Sports Bet

In the past, you had to go to bookies. However, it’s no longer the case as all these bookies have moved online. You can place a bet on mobile, laptop, tablet and desktop. First, you must ensure that you use a licensed bookie site. Many unlicensed sports betting operations target players worldwide online. Identifying a licensed operator can be done by reviewing the footer of a website.

A gambling license number is displayed along with a regulatory authority logo. Be aware that there are multiple regulatory bodies. It is preferable to stick to a UK-licensed sportsbook if you are in the United Kingdom or a Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) site. This is because you get less protection from the MGA Sportsbook than you would with a UKGC venue.

Sports Betting & Taxes

Each region has different rules for taxes on sports betting. We are concerned with the player aspect rather than the bookie taxes. So, for example, any winnings generated from a bet are not taxable currently in the UK. Other regions, like the individual states in the USA and countries like Canada & South Africa, apply a tax at different rates depending on the amount bet or earned.

Why Sportsbetting?

We can’t tell you why you should bet on sports. But we can tell you why and when you should not. If you have a gambling problem, you should not take part. The UKGC imposes strict player protection policies on bookies to ensure no one gets taken advantage of. Each betting site will have a Responsible Gambling area. We recommend being aware of the procedures. You can also visit the UKGC site to view the rules licensed sportsbooks must adhere to.

Bookies have refused million-pound bet payouts for less than transparent reasons and gotten ruled against by the UKGC. That means that playing at a regulated site enforced a legitimate bet payout. It is one of the reasons for us constantly advising on play at regulated venues only.

What Can You Bet On?

The choice truly is endless and also somewhat dictated by the bookies. Boutique Sportsbetting operations might offer popular unique regional games betting. An example of this is Cricket and rugby, which are both popular sports. Odds on both sports can be good in specific matches & both are volatile sports where hot favourites can get taken to the cleaners.

Additional traditional sports wagering also takes place on Football ( soccer for some parts of the world), with the Premier League being a top destination. Betting on leagues such as the Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A also occurs. Lower leagues and African Football betting is increasingly popular with regional bookies. Combat sports such as MMA can be volatile due to the nature of the sport. However, a single manoeuvre or blow can trigger a winning bet with good odds. It is the holy grail of betting, good odds on an unlikely outcome.

Football Betting Online

Football Betting is the most popular type of betting in a bookie, whether online or offline. The chance to win significant amounts and make different types of bets based on form or bias and emotion is what drives football bettors. Who can forget Leicester City lifting the Premiership Title at odds of 5000/1? Check out our recommended football betting sites below. All football betting sites are UK Licensed and offer In-Play Bets, Accas, Boosted Odds and Special Picks.

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