The Curious Tale of Two Mega Fortune Slots

Mega Fortune Slot Jackpot Games
Mega Fortune Slot Jackpot Games

The world of Online Slots is filled with 2nd versions of classic slot games. Rarely do the updated versions match up to the original or even surpass it.

Then there is the curious tale of the two Mega Fortune Slot games. The original, of course, being Mega Fortune Slot and the updated version named Mega Fortune Dreams Slot.

Mega Fortune Slot Version Differences

Both Slot Games created by Net Entertainment do resemble each other in terms of game symbols. The look and feel of the two Net Ent slot games are vastly different.

The original Mega Fortune Slot has a hard Vegas Casino type look, Mega Fortune Dreams boasts an Island style, palm tree laced theme.

The other main difference is an added game bonus features. Mega Fortune Dreams boasts Wilds, a re-spins feature and up to 10x multipliers on winning spins.

Then there is of course also the 3 progressive slot jackpot prizes to aim for when hitting a bonus round. The theory is of course, the higher the wager, the larger the jackpot prize.

That means that the higher your individual wagers per spin, the likelihood of you hitting the Mega Jackpot rather than the Rapid or Major Jackpot increases.

What is proving to be interesting in the case of the two Mega Fortune games, is that the popularity of the original version seems to be holding whilst the Mega Fortune Dreams slot is establishing a foothold amongst slot lovers.

There are good reasons for this, the original Mega Fortune Slot game was of course for a long time the holder of the record for the largest Slot Jackpot pay-out in the history of online slots.

This was only recently surpassed by a massive jackpot win on Mega Moolah by a British Soldier.

The value of the slot jackpot prizes on both Mega Fortune games is neck and neck in value terms. Often one will completely dominate the other and cause it to wilt and fade away.

This has patently not been the case in this instance, both Slot Games feature heavily on all the biggest progressive slot jackpot lists.

What this means for UK Slot players is that we now have more high-quality Progressive Slot Jackpot games to choose from.

To view a list of all the biggest slot games, visit Slot Jackpot Games.

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