Three Quarter Billion Dollars in Prize Money

That is the amount on offer at the two most popular USA Lottery games. The total is $706,000,000 and will grow even further by the time the next lottery draws take place.

Mega Millions $449 Million Prize

The Mega Millions Lottery prize alone is worth $449,000,000. That is a lot of zeroes behind the 449, it makes it the largest lottery jackpot in the world. It will also make Mega Millions popular with the lottery jackpot closing in on the half a billion dollar mark rapidly.

Powerball $257 Million Prize

The Powerball Lottery for once is the poor relation in the battle of the USA Lottery jackpot games. This is of course primarily because it was the last of the two lottery games to pay out a massive jackpot.

Powerball is, of course, the holder of the record for the biggest lottery jackpot prize ever.

At the moment though, US Lottery players are spoilt for choice when it comes to lottery prizes, they can play both of these massive lottery games.

Annuity Lotteries – What Does This Mean

Both Mega Millions and Powerball are annuity type lotteries. This means that the value you see is not the value that is paid out. Winners of the lottery have a choice to either accept a yearly payment or annuity or select a cash lump sum.

Most Lottery Jackpot winners will select the cash lump sum. That then means a portion of the lottery is given up for selecting the cash option. There are also Federal and in some instances, State Taxes to be paid. That won’t unduly concern a lottery jackpot winner.

The current Mega Million Lottery cash value is $313 Million, the Powerball Cash Value is $179,7 Million. That alone makes it well worth taking part in these lottery games.

For a full view of the world biggest games, visit lottery jackpot games here.

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