Thunderstruck 2 Unluckiest Slot Spin Ever

If you are a Thunderstruck 2 slot fan – you’ll have noted changes in the slot game. Volatility in the slot has always been there; it just seems that wins have changed a lot.

The Unluckiest Slot Spin ever?

During our regular Thunderstruck game session in which we wager differing amounts, we delivered up the slot hand in the image below.

ThunderStruck 2 : 3 Wilds & No Payout Spin
ThunderStruck 2 : 3 Wilds & No Payout Spin

3 Wilds and No Thunder

Can you believe getting 3 Wilds on a slot spin and not earning a cent? Winning Hand and Free Spin win amounts seem to have tightened quite a bit on all Casinos we play at.

It seems free spin rounds pay out a lot less. We usually choose Thors 25 Free Spin Round. It has paid out generously in the past relative to specific wager amounts. We regularly hit 4-figure sums depending on the bet amount. Unfortunately, that run seems to have dried up entirely. Thor has not been with us.

Getting into Valhalla – Hall of the Gods has also been a bit patchy

Waiting for Thors Hammer to drop has been like feeling the pain of Brexit. We are talking about the waiting time. Inevitably once in the Hall of Gods, you can choose between Thor, Odin, Loki and Valkyrie.

Hall of Gods and its rewarding choice was once a feature of this game and still is, but the payouts are a lot worse for us. It’s still worth a 90-1.20 wager per spin. If Thors Hammers drops and he feels generous, it can change your week. It does happen, but more and more sporadically. I guess that’s why they call it Gambling.

Have you ever seen an unluckier slot spin, though? The Gods are indeed not with us today. Thor and Thunderstruck 2 have seen the last of us for a while.

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