When To Stop Playing an Online Slot

There are, of course, many reasons as to when to stop playing a specific online slot game. Of course, the main reasons are down to affordability and well being. There are, however, other gaming-related reasons that we will delve into below.

When The Base Slot Game Changes

What does base slot game changes even mean? We as players will not be privy to any changes in the game. Instead, we will experience it in our gameplay and most importantly, in our pockets.

Anyone who knows us will know that we are privy to a spot of Thunderstruck 2. A better word would be obsessed with it and getting into the Hall of Gods free spins round.

It would appear though that significant changes have been made to the game which makes it very unattractive for slot players. So we will elaborate on what we mean by the base game-changing.

Thunderstruck 2 was a highly volatile game. It seems now that this is no longer the case; it is, in our opinion, a low volatility game that has also had changes made to its bonus features to restrict payouts.

Highly Volatile or Low Volatility Slots – What the Difference

So firstly the volatility has changed, and that means that bonus rounds take far longer to appear and the payouts on individual spins are far lower. That, of course, will impact severely on your playing balance.

Highly Volatile slot games tend to pay out less but when they do they pay out significant amounts to make up for the scarcity of payout. Thunderstruck 2 used to be a game like this.

For the last few months and at multiple venues we have been playing the slot game, and the behaviour of it at all platforms is consistent enough for us to believe that changes to the game have gotten made to limit payouts.

Payout Multiples Limited & Bonus Rounds

We have played this slot on both Download Casinos & the new HTML5 Casinos where games do not need to get downloaded. Our preference is always to play at a casino where you download games. We seem to have more luck.

What we have noticed is that the payouts on both regular spin wins have decreased and the successes from the free spin bonus rounds have decreased dramatically.

Previously we achieved anywhere between 5 to 50 times the amount of our wager. The payout aspect has decreased dramatically.

If you are a fan of Thunderstruck 2, you will know that this means once getting into the Hall of Gods and selecting your free spins round is where the reward lies. The win bonuses these days is far smaller than it has ever been and this is consistent across all venues.

Wildstorm Becomes Lamestorm

One of the most exciting aspects of Thunderstruck was the Wildstorm feature. We achieved our biggest win ever on this part of the game with four reels of wilds dropping.

Not only is this feature not as frequent, but when it does pay, it lends credence to our theory that the base game has changed.

For the longest time, it was very unusual for Wildstorm to not at least provide 2 reels of wilds. Then it is down to the Gods and the combination on the reels to determine if you walked away happy. Very rarely did you get a single reel of wilds.

It now appears that the new normal on the game is a single reel of wilds which obviously makes it much harder for a decent win multiple to be claimed.

Chasing The Bonus Round

The temptation for us as players is to remember the good times and try to chase this experience again. Despite the clear evidence that things have changed. When you feel this, then it is time to stop playing a particular slot game.

We are disappointed as we have had so much fun on the game. We will still occasionally give it a whirl – but it will be for fun and a few twirls rather than trying to hit the free spins round.

This article has been building up for some time as we have played the game at over 20 venues for significant amounts and the behaviour is consistent in regards to both hitting the free spins and the lame Wildstorm rounds that now appear.

We recognise that the game has changed, probably due to feedback from casino operators to the software provider. Thunderstruck 2 will now not feature as a part of our regular gameplay as this game has changed and not for the better.

We recommend avoiding it altogether now as it is simply not worth playing anymore. If you do want to play it, be sure to wager the minimum. Not fun, we know.

Do you have an experience with an online slot that you are attached to that has changed immeasurably? Let us know about your experience.

When The Casino Experiences Issues

Another good reason to stop playing a slot or even stop playing at a particular venue is when there are signs of issues on the game and them not bother to respond at all to a query.

Please take a look at the image below. You will notice that it states we achieved many achievements. We got this on every single spin, and not a cent got rewarded to us.

It does appear to be an issue with the Casino, so we sent in an email asking for an explanation. We are yet to receive any response from this venue. Proceed at this UK Licensed venue with caution.

When to Stop Playing an Online Slot
When to Stop Playing an Online Slot

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