Win A Bingo Million

Win A Bingo Million
Win A Bingo Million

When it comes to playing online bingo you would be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t any million pounds (or other currency) bingo jackpots available on the Internet. You would, however, be mistaken.

For many years, players have been offered an opportunity to win a million playing coverall bingo games at various Dragonfish network sites. More recently these games are available at standalone bingo sites. It is worth noting, the million is the top prize but it isn’t a guaranteed payout.

Win A Million Bingo Sliding Jackpots

The chance to win a bingo million is fairly slim, and whilst we don’t have the statistics, we do know that since bingo million games were introduced to the network, no one has ever won the top prize of one million pounds.

The win a million bingo game works on a sliding scale, the more numbers it takes to call bingo, the less the jackpot actually is. The only thing guaranteed about these coverall games is the minimum payout.

Win A Million Dragonfish Bingo Games

The Million Pound Bingo game now plays 3 times a week on all sites across the Dragonfish network. This means that there can be hundreds of bingo players competing for the top prize, but it’s often less than a hundred.

The schedule for the millionaire bingo game is:

  • Wednesday at 10 pm (guaranteed minimum payout of £1,000)
  • Friday at 10 pm (guaranteed minimum payout of £1,500)
  • Saturday at 9.30 pm (guaranteed minimum payout of £500)

Tickets for all bingo games are £1.

The sliding scale varies depending on the minimum guaranteed jackpot but the call numbers and associated jackpots are the same up until 50 numbers or more.

To win a million you have to call the full house in 40 numbers or less and then the scale looks like this:

  • 41 numbers – 500,000
  • 42 numbers – 250,000
  • 43 numbers – 125,000
  • 44 numbers – 75,000
  • 45 numbers – 35,000
  • 46 numbers – 15,000
  • 47 numbers – 10,000
  • 48 numbers – 7,500
  • 49 numbers – 6,000
  • 50 numbers – 5,000

From 51 numbers on the scale changes depending on the day the game is being played:


  • 51 numbers – 2,000
  • 52 numbers – 1,500
  • 53 numbers – 1,250
  • 54 to 75 numbers – 1,000


  • 51 numbers – 4,000
  • 52 numbers – 3,000
  • 53 numbers – 2,000
  • 54 to 75 numbers – 1,500


  • 51 numbers – 4,000
  • 52 numbers – 2,000
  • 53 numbers – 1,000
  • 54 to 75 numbers – 500

Terms And Conditions If You Win A Bingo Million

To date, not a single bingo player has managed to win a million playing these sliding jackpot games, but what if it were to happen? Would you be an overnight bingo millionaire?

The answer is quite simple, no you wouldn’t be. Your million would be paid out in yearly or monthly instalments and not in a one-off payment as you might have expected.

Whilst you may have dreamed of buying a new home or walking into the car dealership of choice and buying a brand new car with cash, think again.

If you do win a million this way you will receive it as £66,667 a year for 15 years or £5,556 a month for 15 years but hey, it’s tax-free!

Please note: Standalone brands may have different terms for payment of a million jackpot if it were to be won, the above details are for if you win a million at a Dragonfish Bingo networked site.

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