World’s Richest Info Online

Have you ever wondered who the richest person in history was? Or which football club is the wealthiest? You’ll find all the facts you need to know here for some good old banter. We compiled lists and added extra information under each wealth category to help you discover the wealthiest people, countries, and companies worldwide.

World Richest Information Online

Worlds Richest Man

The title of the wealthiest man in the World has changed hands a few times over the last couple of decades, but who is the man that claims the top spot now? He is the wealthiest man on Earth, with a bank balance of over $130 billion. Check out the Worlds Richest Man Here.

Worlds Richest Women 

Over the past few years, women have started to penetrate the richest lists at every level, and it’s definitely about time, wouldn’t you say? We’re sure you think Oprah is pretty high on that list, but you’ll be surprised who tops the list with an estimated net worth of many billions. Find out who the Wealthiest Woman in the World is.

Most Prosperous Country in the World 

Historians and scholars don’t seem to agree on the existence of the wealthiest ancient civilizations; however, they’ve put tons of effort into deciphering who it might have been with as much precision as possible. In today’s age, it’s a country in the Middle East. Check out the Richest Country in the World.

Most Affluent Families in the World

The staggering fortune of the wealthiest family will have you gasping and wondering how it could be possible to accrue such an amount. But, to put it into perspective, eight families account for nearly half the wealth of the poorest people on the planet. Check out the Richest Family in the World Details.

Richest Companies in the World

The moment you’ve been waiting, the question of which company is the wealthiest in the World gets answered right here. The big names continually battle for pole positions, and the leader changes yearly, thanks to intense competition. So check our list of Wealthiest Companies.

Richest Country in Africa

South Africa was the Country that occupied number 1 on the list; however, recently, another giant on the African continent has stolen it from under their noses. Find out who the other African countries are climbing the list here.

World’s Richest Sportsman 

You’ll be surprised when you discover who the number 1 on this list is. All the wealthiest sportspeople are worth a whopping $3.4 billion; no, it’s not Michael Jordan.

Richest Football Club 

You would get forgiven for thinking Manchester City holds the top spot of the richest football club. But here’s a small clue, one of the Spanish giants has claimed the title for the first time. Check out the Richest Football Club details here.

Richest Football League in the World

We look at who the Wealthiest Football League in the World is and why it is the richest. Check out the Wealthiest Football League Details Here.

Richest Rappers

A rapper has broken the $1 billion mark for the first time, but who could it be? Kanye West, Jay-Z or Dr Dre? You must read on to discover who has made history this year. Richest Rapper & Hip Hop List Here.

The Worlds Richest Person Ever

This title is almost impossible to decide as the ancient World did not keep track of its wealth the same way we do today. Let’s say their fortunes dwarf even that of the wealthiest person today. Check out the World’s Richest Person Ever.

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