Richest Family in the World

 Richest Family in the World

The title of the richest family in the world is no easy feat to achieve as the competition is stiff. Over the millennia, there have been several families who have held this coveted standing. This article focuses on modern times as they give us a precise answer compared to ancient times when records were not kept with as much detail.

The Rothschild Family Fortune

A family whose history is steep in conspiracy theories and forever etched in the everlasting sands of time, the Rothschild family’s journey to the top spot can be traced back to the 17th century.

Mayer Rothschild is the one behind the far-reaching grip of this iconic family, and after developing connections with many powerful allies, he managed to open his first financial institution. He then opened five more branches,s which he put each of his sons in control. These were in Vienna, Naples, London, Paris, and Frankfurt and, from there, went on to grow a multi-faceted financial institution.

This tactic ensured that the Rothschild family name was set to grow to monumental proportions over the coming years.

Currently, worth an estimated $2 trillion or thereabouts, this family has a finger in many pies. Their influence and financial expenditure are so significant that nobody knows how many pies they have their fingers in.

With a family code that instructs every member to keep a low profile and not flaunt their social status, it has been more than difficult for ranking bodies to provide an account of all Rothschild’s assets due to the secrecy involved family.

Other Wealthy Families of Significance

The House of Saud

You might have been wondering which family takes the equally coveted second spot on the Richest Family prestigious list, and it goes to none other than the House of Saud. The family hails from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has managed to accrue substantial wealth ever since the 17th century. 

The family has held the mantle of governing Saudi Arabia since the beginning of records in the country and still holds the balance of power. Even after a government was put in place, the family still retains their influence over the nation. The estimated net worth of the auspicious family sits at around $1.4 trillion, not far behind the Rothschild. 

The Walton Family

This family takes the third spot on the list of wealthiest families and hails from the United States of America. Although their fortune gets dwarfed compared to the previous two families, it is still of significant proportions. Currently estimated to have a net worth of over $190 billion, the family has accumulated this wealth thanks to being the proud owners of Wal-Mart. The renowned retailer got initially established by Sam and James Walton and became a massive player in the market.

The family fortune is split between 6 family members and is considered equal to that of 41% of the families living in the United States of America. 

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