Richest Rappers

Rappers and hip-hop artists project an image of Cool & Wealth. Who has not seen a Video with Lamborghinis & Gold Chains with Dollar Bills flying about? Some artists have managed to crack the top list of the wealthiest people. One of them has even recently hit the $1 billion mark. This article looks at who the wealthiest rappers & hip-hop artists are and how they made their fortunes.

Richest Rappers & Hip Hop Artists

Sean “Diddy” Combs

The artist who was formerly known as “Puff Daddy”, takes the number 3 spot of the richest rappers in the world. According to Forbes, Diddy is worth an estimated $740 million, a number set to grow. The iconic rapper is an entrepreneur and music artist. However, his enormous wealth is not solely due to his music career; this self-made millionaire owns a few other companies that generate income.  

Ciroc Vodka is Diddy’s leading income supplier. The Vodka drink endured slumps in recent years but is showing promise again. Yet another alcohol Diddy’s beverage empire owns is Deleon tequila. He knows the importance of staying hydrated, hence his Aqua hydrate alkaline water company. 

Dr Dre

In 2014, tech giant Apple paid the rapper $3 billion to acquire his headphone line “Beats by Dre”. As a result, the eccentric rapper is a self-proclaimed billionaire. However, Forbes hasn’t entirely granted him that status just yet. 

Dre seems to have a soft spot for houses and recently spent $40 million on an estate in Los Angeles. He’s not all bad, though; he reportedly donated $70 million to start a new school at USC. In addition, signs show that his involvement with Apple might be coming to an end soon.

Dr Dre is currently estimated to be worth $800 million, according to Forbes in 2019. However, he may need to step up his game to retain this position next year.


Finally, the first billionaire rapper showed that you could achieve any goals you set your mind to with hard work and determination. Jay-Z is one-half of an industry power couple. His wife, Beyonce” is estimated to be worth $1.4 billion. 

Jay-Z’s fortune was not acquired solely through music and its production. The iconic rapper is quite a businessman. He has grown his empire through investments in companies such as Uber. In addition, however, he makes millions a year through his Armand de Brignac champagne and his D’Usse’ Cognac.

On tour, Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce managed to bring in more than $250 million over the entire On the Run 2 tour, meaning they were making $5 million a night.

This richest rapper ever to have lived has so many other investments, such as clothing lines and record companies, not to mention his knack for investing in nightclubs that always seem to do exceptionally well. Jay-Z and Beyonce” are still relatively young, and if they continue growing their empire in this fashion, there is no doubt that they will climb the Forbes list of wealthiest people in the world, never mind the richest rappers.

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