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Perhaps you have pondered about who the richest man in the world is throughout civilization, and it is no different today.

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Thankfully, instead of having to make educated guesses as to who holds this prestigious title as they would undoubtedly have had to do in the old days, we have a publication that does the math for us. Forbes, an American business magazine, conducts a survey and publishes a yearly list compiled with the wealthiest people on earth now.

Ever since 1987, they have issued the list every March to keep the general public in the know. One perspective of the Forbes list is that they exclude any royalty and dictators, meaning that only self-made billionaires make the grade.

Who Is the Richest Man?

The worlds richest man is a rather fluid category. In this day and age, due to the advent of tech billionaires, it is a race to the top and is often determined by share value. One fluctuation can mean the gain or loss of billions!

As of right now, the richest man is purported to be Elon Musk. Yes, the same Elon Musk who started Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX. He recently supplanted the previous holder of that title & rival who follows up next.

Born In South Africa – he would be the first African to hold the Richest man’s title, except he migrated to Canada initially and then moved to the good old US of A. Loved and hated in equal measure. He is undoubtedly one of the technopreneurs of our time.

The Runners Up & Still Very Wealthy

As of March 5, 2019, until very recently, the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos held the title of being the wealthiest man on earth. He is currently worth a jaw-dropping $123.9 billion, a sum of money that dwarfs entire nations in comparison.

Jeff is best known for his role with Amazon. However, few people know that he is, in fact, an internet and aerospace entrepreneur as well as a media proprietor—all of this helped him claim this coveted position.

Bezos graduated from Princeton University with an engineering and computer science degree in 1986 and began his journey working on Wall Street. His entrepreneurial skills soon saw him starting the online shopping giant Amazon. Many people don’t know that it began as a small bookstore but has grown to dominate the e-commerce market on a level never before witnessed.

Not only was he considered the richest man on earth, but in September of 2018, Forbes dubbed him the richest man in modern history when his company Amazon became the second company in history to surpass the $1 trillion market cap.

Who Were the Richest Men in History?

Here is yet another question that has been posed and disputed throughout history. In the list compiled below, we will show you the top 3 richest men in the history of our world.

1. Mansa Musa I

Although he is considered royalty and does not make the Forbes list, Mansa Musa the 1st is regarded as the richest man in history. His net worth stood at a staggering $400 billion during his reign of the Malian Empire. Unfortunately, after his death, his heirs could not retain the status due to invasions and civil war.

2. The Rothschild Family

Deemed to be the wealthiest family in today’s times, although it is almost impossible to fully track their net worth, which could be worth over $350 Billion, they have been a powerful family since the industrial age. Technically, they shouldn’t be on this list; however, they couldn’t get left out due to their global influence.

3. John Rockefeller

Many have heard the term “I’m not Rockefeller”, and for a good reason. His net worth is estimated to be more than $340 billion in today’s value. It happened thanks to his Standard Oil Company. Incidentally, he was the first man to be worth more than $1 billion.

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