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WoWPot is a progressive slot jackpot located at venues with Microgaming Jackpot games. The WoWPot jackpot games are popular mainly because of the size of the Slot Jackpot.

WoWPot! Jackpot Game Information

What Is The WoWPot Jackpot

9 Blazing Diamonds WoWPot Jackpot
Blazing Diamonds
Sisters of Oz WoWPot Jackpot
Sisters of Oz
Sherlock & Moriarty WoWPot
Poseidon Ancient Fortunes Megaways WoWPot
Poseidon Ancient Fortunes
Wheel of Wishes WowPot
Wheel of Wishes
African Legends WoWPot
African Legends
Queen of Alexandria WoWPot!
Queen Alexandria
Book of Atem WoWPot!
Book of Atem

WoWPot is a four-tier progressive slot jackpot. It is a characteristic of many Progressive Jackpot games on the Microgaming Progressive network. The four tiers are:

  • WowPot – The largest prize tier and seeds at £2 Million
  • Major – Almost hit the big one and seeds at £50,000
  • Minor – Jackpot starts at £50,00
  • Mini – The minor tier is seeded at £10,00

The WowPot, being the largest jackpot tier, gets seeded at a minimum jackpot prize level of £2 Million in prize money. The Major seeded value is £50,000. The minor jackpot seed is £50, and the mini is the lowest at £10,000.

Of course, the seed value we refer to is the minimum jackpot amount that the jackpot tier is worth if claiming the prize fund. The minimum amount can be won when claiming the prize on that tier. The current biggest win on the WoWPot tier Jackpot is a payout of £17,529,047.11

Where To Find The WoWPot Jackpot

Finding WoWPot games is the easy part. Look for an Online Venue with Microgaming games; they will likely boast online slots featuring the WowPot Jackpot. However, some venues will decline most jackpot games as a cost associated with promoting jackpot slot games to players. So, to make it easy, we display the WoWPot games above and list the top WoWPot venues with the games below.

Luxury Casino WowPot Jackpots
All Jackpot Games
UK Casino Club - WowPot Jackpots
Fast Paying UK Casino
Casino Action - WowPot Jackpots
Over 5000 Games

Why Play the WowPot Games

If you are a fan of slot jackpot games, the revamped WoWPot Slot Jackpot games will provide not only a fantastic slot game experience but can also offer life-changing prize money. The WoWPot games are part of the most recognised Jackpot Slot network, with over £1.45 Billion in prize money already paid out to players.

We are, of course, referring to the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot network. The Mega Moolah Jackpot games are also a part of the network, and as Millionaire Maker fans will already know, it is the World Record holder for an online slot jackpot payout.

WoWPot has, in a short time, come close to this world record figure with an over £17 Million jackpot payout to a Book of Atem slot player. Regarding jackpot payout rankings, it would be the 3rd biggest online slot jackpot win ever on the Microgaming network.

We expect to see more titles added to the WoWPot Jackpot moving forward. It has been the case with the Mega Moolah series, and so far, it has been repeated in the WoWPot series. Each of the games features its distinct environment and features. However, they all have in common that you, the player, get access to the WoWPot Jackpot tiers.

WowPot Jackpot Win History

WoWPot Prize AmountDate Of Win
* Win Amount Valid for WoWPot tier of the Jackpot

The table above displays wins on the most significant tier of the progressive jackpot. The average win on the WoWPot tier currently amounts to £9,881,982 and the average length of time it takes to produce a WoWPot winner is 138 days. It currently has not been claimed for over 260 days and the jackpot is at a record level for an online slot jackpot.

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